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Rules for Registration

These are located under the | Rules for Registration | section of the website.

Registration of Architects

Architects with an NCARB Certificate should contact NCARB for a West Virginia architect registration application. Architects that do not have an NCARB Certificate and wish to register in West Virginia to practice architecture by state reciprocity with the state they are registered and practicing architecture should click above on the “Rules for Registration” download a copy and read to be sure they do qualify to practice architecture in West Virginia.

If the architect is qualified to register by reciprocity to practice architecture in West Virginia and would like to apply click above on the “Registration and Renewal” under this click on “Forms” on forms you click on “Application for Registration” print and download the instructions and the 6 page application form.

Complete the application and mail to the P.O. Box address for the Board Office with a Certified or Cashier’s Check in the amount of $100 for the Non-Refundable Filing Fee.

Registration of Businesses

To do business in the state of West Virginia a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation must register with the Secretary of State Offices.
The number for this office is 304-558-6000.
To register a corporation the number is 304-558-8000.

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