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  The West Virginia State Board of Architects was established to safeguard the life, health, property and public welfare of the people of this state and to protect the people against the unauthorized, unqualified and improper practice of architecture in the state of West Virginia.

NewsletterThe Winter Newsletter of the West Virginia Board of Architects has been published to this site as a PDF document.

Renewal Applications will not be mailed for the renewal year 2016-17. Active architects will receive a | Renewal Postcard | listing the options to renew.

| RENEWAL FORM FOR 2016-17 |


Please Note...
You can download the | Renewal Form for the previous year|. Do not mail in your continuing education hours with your renewal. You are required to keep the logs for your records for 2 years in case you are audited by the Board.

The WV Board of Architects is moving to its new location on January 30, 2017.

405 Capitol Street, Mezzanine Suite 3
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304)-558-1406
Fax: (304)-558-1407.

The office will reopen for business on February 1, 2017.

The next board meeting of the WV Board of Architects will be held on Thursday, March 02, 2017 at noon in the 4th Floor Board Room at 405 Capitol Street in Charleston, WV.

The | Meeting Agenda | for the board meeting on March 02, 2017 has been published as a PDF document.

The | Meeting Minutes | from the board meeting held December 01, 2016 have been published as a PDF document.

 2007 West Virginia Board of Architects
The West Virginia Board of Architects is a public agency and records of the Board are considered to be public records. Some or all of the information in this application may be disclosed to any person under the West Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).